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Internet Links
Below are some links to our favorite musky-related websites.

Muskies Inc. - Probably the first organization to promote conservation of muskies through catch-and-release

The Next Bite - An outstanding television show as well as website with tons of useful information

John Gillespie's Water & Woods - John does a very entertaining new fishing show every week and has no repeats

Musky Tackle Online - Very fast shipping and great customer service, good color charts for all baits

Pete Maina's Website - Host of The Next Bite's muskie segments, Pete has a lot of musky related business ventures

Keye's Outdoors - These guys get very pumped about musky fishing and have a fun television show

Shram Band - Music for John Gillespie and Next Bite shows, and they have a fishing-themed CD, "Rockin' Fish Tales"

Musky Innovations - They make some of the best musky baits, period

St. Croix Rods - They make some of the best musky rods, period

The Musky Hunter - Lots of knowledge from this television show and website as well

Fishing with Joe Bucher - Joe Bucher's television show, good show when he fishes for muskies

Joe Bucher Outdoors - Joe's tackle company, makes the most popular topwater and shallow crank baits - Good website with a lot of information, multimedia content, and a real nice forum section

Musky Mayhem Tackle - Makers of the Double Cowgirl....need I say more?


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